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Vision Pursuit of knowledge through scientific study has been the cornerstone of human accomplishment throughout history. The University of Texas at Arlington’s College of Science has a tradition of outstanding programs in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, geology, mathematics, psychology and physics. The faculty and staff are committed to the students and their quest for excellence in education and research while dedicated to serving the various science-dependent elements of the Texas community.

Growth New faculty, an increased emphasis on research, and an expanding curriculum have combined to make the College of Science one of the fastest growing academic areas on campus. Its enrollment now totals almost 3,000 students, with 400 students at the graduate level. Students pursue a variety of degree options, including accelerated offerings such as the five-year B.S. in biology/M.B.A. in biomedical sciences management and seven-year options leading to medical and dental degrees. Fueled by the college’s growth, research initiatives are flourishing. Examples include:

  • The Department of Biology is nationally recognized for its evolutionary genomics program.
  • The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry welcomes Chairman Dr. Purnendu “Sandy” Dasgupta who is an internationally recognized scientist in environmental chemistry and air pollution chemistry, focusing on the relationship between air pollution as it affects on our health.
  • Psychology Department Chair, Dr. Robert Gatchel, in collaboration with a new high profile faculty member, Dr. Andrew Baum, will establish a biomedical science laboratory at UT Arlington in conjunction with UT Southwestern Medical Center.
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  • The Tier II grid computing center in the Department of Physics, funded by the National Science Foundation, plays a significant role in high energy physics through the analysis of data from the ATLAS project at CERN in Switzerland.
  • Dr. Chaoqun Liu of Mathematics directs the Center for Numerical Simulation and Modeling. This is an interdisciplinary research group composed of faculty members from Mathematics, Statistics, Biology, Mechanical Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering.
  • The Center for Nanostructured Materials (CNM) is a highly collaborative research center; which brings together physicists, chemists, biologists, and materials scientists and integrates both the basic and applied sciences in nanotechnology.

The exciting new developments in our college have helped to attract renowned scholar and researcher Dr. Daniel W. Armstrong to UT Arlington. Dr. Armstrong holds the prestigious Robert A. Welch Chair in Chemistry. The recent addition of highly recognized faculty such as Dr. Armstrong, Dr. Dasgupta, Dr. Gatchel, and Dr. Baum positions UT Arlington to move forward in its research initiative to become a tier one university.

Building for Academic Excellence The University of Texas at Arlington scientists will have even greater opportunities for research and instruction with the new Engineering and Science Research Building that is on the drawing board. Scheduled to open in 2011, 80,000 square feet of the 300,000 square foot state-of –the-art structure will be dedicated to the College of Science. This will compliment the 128,000 square foot Chemistry and Physics Building just opened in March of 2006. Our new 185 seat Planetarium has been hailed as one of the most sophisticated in the country. The new planetarium is a hub for educational excellence, scientific discovery and economic development which serves the entire community. UT Arlington students benefit from this extraordinary learning environment, but the planetarium also provides elementary and secondary educational partners, corporate sponsors and the general public throughout the Metroplex an opportunity to explore the farthest reaches of the universe.


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