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Criminal Justice Career Center

The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at The University of Texas at Arlington has compiled the following links to aid and inform students and other interested parties of the wide diversity of careers available in the field of Criminal Justice. Links have been provided to agencies, organizations, and private corporations not only in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but in both the state of Texas and Federal Government.

Not all of the agencies listed may be hiring at the present time, but in this fast-paced field, the situation is always changing. For students of criminology and criminal justice, it is our hope that these links will serve to keep you better informed of the diverse jobs available in this exciting and rewarding line of work. At the very least, they will serve to provide information about the agencies that enforce, define, or deal with the laws of our society.

We hope that these links are both interesting and informative. Even though we strive to list as many organizations as possible, we have not listed all of them. The organizations that exist across this country are far too great in number to practically list or manage here. What we have attempted to do, is to list a sampling of the organizations that make up the Criminal Justice System.

Federal Government Agencies

Texas State Agencies

Private Corporations

Employment Directories

Dallas-Fort Worth Area Police Departments