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GRE Waiver

UTA CRCJ Majors: Have You Heard the News Yet?

In accordance with resolutions passed by the Graduate Assembly of the University of Texas at Arlington and the unanimous approval of the members of the CRCJ Graduate Studies Committee, the requirement of a satisfactory score on the GRE prior to admission to the Master’s Degree program is hereby waived for applicants meeting the following:


  1. The applicant must have completed an undergraduate degree at UTA in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Conditional admission can be offered under this procedure for students in their final year of undergraduate studies with the conditional status being removed upon satisfactory completion of the student’s undergraduate degree and documentation thereof to the Graduate School.
  2. The applicant’s UTA grade point average (GPA) must equal or exceed 3.0 in each of four calculations:
    1. Overall
    2. In the major field (CRCJ)
    3. All advanced work (upper level courses)
    4. In the last 60 hours taken at UTA
  3. The applicant must provide the three references required in the Graduate School application. Two of those references must be from CRCJ faculty members who have had an extended exposure to the student to such an extent as to allow the faculty member the ability to assess accurately the student’s likely performance in graduate studies.
  4. The applicant must comply with all other requirements for admission to the Graduate School including submitting an application, paying fees, providing transcripts from other institutions, etc.


  1. The CRCJ Graduate Advisor will implement the above waiver through uniform application to graduate applicants meeting the listed criteria and insertion of appropriate notation on the applicant’s Graduate Admissions Worksheet.
  2. Recruitment of potential applicants meeting the above criteria will be accomplished through classroom announcements by CRCJ faculty and by flyers developed and distributed by the Graduate Advisor.
  3. All applicants meeting the above criteria will be recommended for probationary admission to Graduate Studies with the requirement that they make no grade less than “B” during their first nine credit hours with the probationary status being removed upon successful completion of the required hours.
  4. The required reference letters and the computation of the applicant’s required GPA will be retained in the student’s file in the Criminology and Criminal Justice Office.
  5. Applicants admitted under the waiver will be specifically identified and performance will be evaluated by GPA and such performance will be available for review by the Graduate Assembly or accrediting agencies.

If you have any questions about the GRE waiver, do not hesitate to contact the graduate advisor at adelcarmen@uta.edu


Waiver of the GRE can be offered to students while in their final year of undergraduate studies at UTA. Applicants must be aware that admission will only occur subsequent to obtaining the undergraduate degree and providing documentation thereof to the Graduate School. Applicants who do not meet the requirements for the waiver at the time they apply for Graduate School may still take the GRE and be considered for admission under the traditional standards.