Cleanroom and the CMM (Capability Maturity Model)

The CMM model describes software organizations processes from chaotic, ad hoc processes to disciplined, mature processes.

There are 5 levels in CMM from 1 (Initial) to 5.
Maturity levels are defined in KPA (Key Process Area).
Cleanroom is intended to apply engineering discipline to software development, and is complimentary to CMM.

For each CMM level, below, KPA's are reviewed for Cleanroom process correspondence:

Level 1: NONE! (Of course not: Cleanroom and Ad Hoc Processes?)

Level 2: All KPA's: high correspondence, BUT Software Quality Assurance
(Remember: Focus on is on preventing defects)

Level 3: All KPA's: high correspondence

Level 4: All KPA's: high correspondence

Level 5: All KPA's: high correspondence; But KPA of "Technology Change