Software Engineering Practices Survey

The purpose of this survey is to learn about how people who work in the software industry feel about their jobs and organizations, as well, as to learn about what software engineering activities are actually used by organizations to do their work.

If you are involved with software development or maintenance projects, please take the time to fill out this survey. Your input will be greatly appreciated.

It should take you less than 20 minutes to fill out this survey. We have tried to word the questions clearly, but the variety of jargon currently used in this business makes it difficult to write questions using a terminology that everyone will understand. If you find a question confusing, please just leave the answer blank.

The survey is best viewed with Netscape 3.0 or Microsoft Explorer. If you experience difficulty viewing the survey, please down load an ASCII version of the survey here, complete it and email your reply. Directions are included at the top of the survey form.

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Please inform your colleagues and friends about this survey and ask them to participate also.

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