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For Faculty

Service learning is a teaching methodology that integrates academic instruction with strategic community service. Students engage in classroom activities and discussions, and perform service projects with a community partner that are related to their academic coursework. Service Learning is similar to internships, field work, and experiential education programs, but goes beyond the scope of these through the integration of classroom reflection methods and reciprocity for all participants (students, faculty, and community partners).

Service Learning:

  • Is integrated into the course curriculum to meet one or more student outcomes
  • Meets a community-identified need
  • Ensures reciprocity between students and community partner
  • Contains a reflection component

The Center for Service Learning provides resources and support for service learning implementation through several means. CSL is available to answer questions about service learning, and help you understand how to incorporate it into your course through departmental orientations, workshops, and one-on-one meetings.  Some common questions include:

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  • How do I find a community partner?  Can I have more than one?
  • Does the service learning project need to take the entire semester?
  • How do I do reflection with my students?
  • How do I grade the service learning portion of the class?
  • How much time do students need to spend on their service learning projects?
  • Where do I find forms for use in my service learning project, such as surveys, waivers, and agreements?

For answers to these questions, or help with community partners, reflection activities, or any other part of the process, please contact us.

Info On Courses and Faculty Fellows Program

Criteria and Procedure for SL Courses

Faculty Fellows Program

Hear what faculty & students say about service learning

Need a Speaker for your Class or Staff Meeting?

The CSL welcomes the opportunity to speak with your class or department about the benefits of service learning to the UTA community. If you would like us to give a presentation to your class, discuss service learning options during a staff meeting, or simply meet for a 1-on-1 discussion, we are here to assist you.  Service Learning Speaker Request

CSL PosterAwareness Campaign

Have you seen our service learning posters around campus? Look for our logo, tabling events, and more as we educate students, staff, and faculty on the positive impact service learning courses make to a student's current and future life goals.

Click here to download the CSL 8 1/2" x 11" flyer

Click here to download the CSL 11" x 17" poster

Ford Grant Service Learning Committee

International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement

The International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement (IARSLCE) is an international non-profit organization devoted to promoting research and discussion about service-learning and community engagement. The IARSLCE was launched in 2005, and incorporated in 2007.

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