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Provost Post-Doctoral Fellowships Program scheduled for 2016-2018

The University of Texas at Arlington (UT Arlington) Provost Post-Doctoral Fellowships, in support of the university’s continuing commitment to advance scholars from underrepresented groups in higher education. The purpose of the fellowship is to develop and prepare scholars from underrepresented groups for future faculty positions in academia. The fellowships are for a two-year term with the next openings starting in August 2016.

Program Goals

  • Establish relationships with scholars from other institutions, with the goal of enhancing relationships between other scholars and faculty, staff, and students at UT Arlington.
  • Support and enhance the campus climate of diversity and inclusion.
  • Increase the number of role models for students from underrepresented minority groups in particular and majority groups as well.
  • Identify potential candidates for tenure-track faculty positions.
  • UT Arlington is particularly interested in candidates in the STEM fields.


Beginning in Spring 2016, UT Arlington will award three in-residence fellowships. The duration of the Postdoctoral fellowships awarded will be two academic  years. This year’s Postdoctoral fellowships will run from August 2016 through May 2018.


The fellowship program is open to all areas of study (see www.uta.edu). The University is especially interested in candidates in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields. Preference will be given to U.S. citizens from groups whose underrepresentation in the American professoriate has been severe and longstanding:

  • Alaska Natives (Aleut, Eskimo or other Indigenous People of Alaska)
  • Black/African Americans
  • Mexican American/Chicanas/Chicanos
  • Native American Indians
  • Native Pacific Islanders (Polynesian/Micronesian)
  • Females in STEM fields.

Individuals who received their terminal degrees between May 1, 2006, and May 31, 2016 are eligible. (Candidates who are ABD will be considered, but the fellowship requires that the terminal degree be awarded by May 31, 2016.) Successful candidates will present:

  • evidence of superior academic and professional achievement/promise as demonstrated by their publication record, professional activities, grade point average, honors and/or other designations; and
  • commitment to a career in teaching and research at the college or university level;
  • Present three letters of reference from individuals familiar with applicant’s scholarly and/or creative work.

Stipends and Allowances

Fellows will receive an annual stipend of $40,000 USD and a research allowance of $2,000 USD. The university will also provide a medical and dental benefits package.

Application Procedure
1. Fillout fellowship application (which would include a personal statement on the reason for applying to UT Arlington (3-4 pages)).  

2. A curriculum vitae.
3. An official transcript from institution granting terminal degree.
4. Statement of research goals (no more than 3-4 pages preferred)
5. Three letters of reference from individuals familiar with applicant’s scholarly or creative work.

If you have any questions contact Eddie Freeman at efreeman@uta.edu


The University of Texas at Arlington is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. A criminal background check will be conducted on finalists for the position.