Educational Technology Support Services

i>clicker Audience Response System

i>clickerETSS is proud to announce that after months of faculty meetings, consultations and classroom testing that there is a new clicker standard at UT Arlington—the i>clicker.

The i>clicker Audience Response System enables students and faculty to interact dynamically through question-and-answer polling in various settings vis-a-vis the intuitive interface, mobile app, and hand-held devices.

Whether used simply for taking attendance in large classes or for spontaneous discussions or polls, the i>clicker will assist faculty in delivering a truly collaborative learning experience.

One notable feature of the i>clicker is that it privately displays polling results before they are revealed to the room allowing faculty to decide on appropriate discussion strategies in real-time.

i>clicker also integrates with Bb Learn.

Getting Started with i>Clicker

Step 1: Order your i>Clicker Instructor Kit

To order your i>Clicker instructor Kit, please contact the i>Clicker Sales Rep for UTA:

Leigh Taylor Smith
Macmillan New Ventures | Regional Technology Specialist
513-255-7308 |

 Please send her 3 important pieces of information:

1) Course name/number

2) Approximate enrollment

3) Your preferred shipping address to receive your kit

Step 2: Order Student i>Clickers from the UTA Bookstore

You will need to place an order with the UTA Bookstore for iclicker units, the same as you would if you were ordering books. The ISBN for the iclicker2 is 1429280476. Just as with books, the students will have to go to the bookstore and purchase an iClicker unit, unless they already have purchased one for a different class.

For more information please contact Textbook Manager - Shiva Mirsaeedi

 i>Clicker & Blackboard Integration

i>clicker Integrate is a wizard that provides a seamless integration of data between Blackboard and i>clicker/i>grader.


  1. Instructors must download the iClicker Software on their computer or a USB drive.
  2. Download the iClicker integrate wizard authenticated files. These are specific for UTA.
  3. For Windows Copy the CMS Integrate Wizard.exe, CMS_Wizard.xml, Config.xml, CMS Integrate WizardLibs (folder) into the Resource sub-folder of your iclicker Win folder.
  4. For Macintosh Copy the CMS Integrate Wizard.exe, CMS_Wizard.xml, Config.xml, into the Resource sub-folder of your iclicker Mac folder