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Opportunities for Research


Guidelines to work in NBL

Positions Available:

Graduate Students:
We always welcome self-motivated graduate students for Research Assistant and Associate positions.  You could be from Electrical Engineering, Bioengineering, Materials Science, or a life sciences discipline.  Experience in a cleanroom or in micro-fabrication/MEMS would be a plus.  Send your detailed resume (in PDF format) and all your peer-reviewed publications to Prof. Iqbal and state your research interests.  Write in the subject line whether you are a Master's or Doctoral student.  Also state if you are already at UTA or not.  If you are at UTA, state the number of semesters you have been here and all the research experience you have gained so far.  Highlight your life sciences experiences (biology, biochemistry, etc.) in your email.  State your GRE and TOEFL scores (as applicable).  Don't forget to emphasize your skills that maybe relevant to our research.

Many of our projects are collaborative in nature, involving researchers from engineering, basic medical sciences, molecular biology, biochemistry and biomedical engineering.  The goal of our research can have multiple dimensions related to bio-sensors and biochips.  We are interested in basic research and development and also translation of our results into usable products.

If you are a permanent resident, citizen or national of USA, there are a number of prestigious fellowships that you can apply for.  A number of study-abroad and exchange student opportunities are also available.  If interested, state such in your email to Prof. Iqbal.

Undergraduate Students:
We are very interested in engaging highly motivated Undergraduate students in our lab.  Some of our research can be part of your undergraduate projects/studies. 

You can get trained in micro-fabrication, computer simulation and may work on some cool stuff that has never seen the light outside our lab.  The projects could also be in circuit design, software development for data acquisition/analysis, developing microfluidics, etc.  If interested, send your resume to Prof. Iqbal.  Highlight your GPA and previous experiences in lab-work.

Graduate Projects:
We may also have some semester long projects for graduate students.  You are encouraged to send information about your length of studies at UTA, your current GPA, how much of your coursework/credit hours have been transferred from other institutions, how far are you from graduation, whether your project will be part of a course you have to take in your department, prior research experience before UTA and accomplishments, who all have you worked with while at UTA, what were your research accomplishments in your research work at UTA, whether you are a MS student or working towards your Ph.D., complete contact information of your references (preferably from UTA) and contact details of your department's graduate advisor/counselor, and whether you are interested in continuing as a Graduate Research Assistant/Associate in our lab.  Send this information to Prof. Iqbal to evaluate possibility of a project.  You may be asked for further information to gauge your suitability for a project.  It would be preferred if you can list all your skills and a 2-3 line summary proposal of your intended project.

Internships for Non-UTA Students:
If you are not a student at UTA, we can not provide any financial support of any kind (i.e. travel, salary, housing) to do an internship with us.  Your inquiries on this subject may not be answered.  If you already have a sources of financial support for doing an internship in our lab, state this fact clearly in the beginning of your email.  Identify the funding agency and mechanism of such support.  State your skills, qualifications and experience in your email.