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Welcome to the AMIC Lab

We are the research group dedicated to discovering and learning about integrated circuit design at the University of Texas at Arlington. We are a diverse group that studies topics ranging from wireless applications to sensor systems.

As an established research group at UTA, we have collaborated with scholars around the world to improve existing IC designs while also seeking new innovative designs to solve new problems concurrently. For more information on what we have completed and our published works, please visit the Projects and the Published Works page.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us, our contact information can be found here.

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Sensors are devices that help monitor external stimuli and often provide input to electronic devices, which can then process the information into a form we desire. We use many sensors in our research applications, mainly electrochemical sensors and optical sensors. To learn more about our applications of sensors, please click here.


Power Systems

In the age of electronics, the power source is often a consideration in design aspects. Although some devices can be easily moved and charged, other embedded devices often require precise work to remove and recharge the battery. To remedy this, people have started to study wireless power transfer. Our research in this field is to extend wireless charging ranges while improving upon the efficiency. To find out more, please click here.


A memristor is a non-linear passive electrical component that has a variable resistance based on previous conditions. The resistance will stay even when the source is deactivated, allowing it to essentially function as a programmable resistor. For more information on our vision for memristors, please click here.