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Manu Chilukuri, Ph.D. Resume
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Revathy Perumalsamy, M.S.


Bishrut Subedi, B.S.




Niranjan Karandikar “A Low-Noise, Low-Power CMOS Amperometric Circuit for Glucose Sensing,” Ph.D., December, 2013 Intel
Sunil Govardhan “A CMOS Switched Capacitor Based Amperometric Readout Circuit for Microneedle Glucose Sensor,” M.S., December, 2013. Freescale
Sujith Dermal “A CMOS Conductometric Circuit for Chemical Sensing using Nanowire Sensor Arrays,” M.S., August, 2013. Freescale
Varun Shenoy A CMOS Analog Correlator based Amperometric Circuit for Glucose Sensing,” Ph.D., May, 2013. ON Semiconductor
David Maxwell “Comparative Analysis of Lithium-Chemistry Battery Fuel Gauge Algorithms on Aged Cells,” M.S., December, 2011. Texas Instruments
Ju-Ching Li “The Design of CMOS Impulse Generators for Ultra-Wideband Communication and Radar Systems,” Ph.D., August, 2011. AMD
Daniel McBride “A High Fill Factor CMOS Image Sensor for IR Camera Applications,” M.S., August, 2010. Texas A&M PhD Program
Partha Ghosh "Design and Study of Phase Locked Loop for Space Applications in Sub-Micron CMOS Technology," Ph.D., May 2009. Broadcom
Ritesh Mehta “Balance MCML Circuit Design for Suppressing Delta-I Noise,” M.S., December, 2007. Broadcom
Prasanna Kalkura “Pulse Position Modulation Circuits for Impulse Radio Ultra Wideband Systems,” M.S., December, 2007. Apple
Shin-Chih Chang “CMOS 5th Derivative Gaussian Impulse Generator for UWB Application,” M.S., December, 2005. ----
Timothy Merkin “A CMOS Ultra-Wideband Differential Low Noise Amplifier,” M.S., December, 2005. Texas Instruments
Hemalatha Shanmugasundaram “CMOS Optical transimpedance amplifier design for the PAM signaling,” M.S., August, 2005. Intel
Tamim B. Al-sawaf “Analysis and Comparison between Impulse and Multiband Ultrawide Bandwidth Communication Systems,” M.S., August 2004. Schlumberger
Shahzad Nazar "Performance/Energy Efficiency Analysis of Register Files in Superscalar Processors," M.S., December 2003. Apple
YoungKyun Jeong “A frequency adjustable CMOS pulse generator and impulse shaping circuit for the UWB wireless communication systems,” M.S., May, 2003. Samsung
Shaoshu Sha “Wireless Power Transmission Based on Retro-Reflective Antenna Array,” Ph.D., December, 2013 Motorola