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PCB Design

Making PCB's may be one of the most valuable skills you can have. This page is dedicated to helping you bring you ideas into reality. After these three steps you will be able to create your own custom schematics, design a PCB from your schematics and send your files to a PCB manufacturer.

Step 1

Download and install the correct version ( Win 32/64, Mac, etc.) of Autodesk Eagle Schematic / PCB design software version 7.6.0. When installing Eagle, choose the freeware option.

Step 2

Download the Adafruit Zip file. Unzip the file and move the Adafruit.lbr file to the lbr directory undereneath the Eagle main folder.

Step 3

Follow along with these 3 tutorials developed by Jeremy Blum for Cadsoft.

Mill your prototype in the EE Maker Space.

PCB Mill

Once your done with your PCB layout in Eagle, you can mill your PCB directly from Eagle to the Othermill in the EE maker space. Please contact the EE lab staff to access the PCB mill.