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Basic Soldering

NOTICE: Solder workshops format is changing!

Self-guided videos are being developed to meet student schedules. When the videos are posted to this site, you can sign up and come in during any open lab hours to recieve your kit. Please check back soon to see when the videos are posted.

Solder workshops will not be available until videos are posted.

The Department of Electrical Engineering at UTA offers soldering workshops free to all Electrical Engineering majors. Learn to sharpen your skills in order to create and repair electronic devices. 

Solder 1

Solder 1 project

Never soldered before? This workshop gets you started quickly by actually soldering resistors, capacitors, diodes, a transistor, LED's, IC's and a battery connector. You get to use all our equipment and you get to keep your project.

Solder 2

solder 2

Have some practice soldering electronics? This workshop introduces the various techniques and standard practices for businesses to ensure their products are reliable. Keep your completed project and amaze your friends!

Advanced Soldering

Solder 3 - SMT

After you complete solder I and II, sign up for solder III and learn about applying solder paste, placing surface mount devices and reflow profiles. You get to keep the SMT board too!