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Undergraduate Electrical Engineering Lab

Undergraduate EE Lav

Safety is our first and foremost consideration for all students, staff, and faculty within the undergrad labs. Safety rules will be followed at ALL times. Failure to follow safety rules may result in expulsion from the labs.

Our goal is to provide the BEST possible lab experience for the individual student.


Stan Howard

Stanley Howard Stanley Howard
Engineering Technician III | 817-272-3465
148 Nedderman Hall

Stan Howard grew up in the East Fort Worth, Handley area. He graduated from Eastern Hills High School in 1974. He enlisted in the Coast Guard in 1975 and served 20 years in Search and Rescue from Sikorsky helicopters.  While not out on missions, his primary job description was Aviation Maintenance in the Electrical & Electronic Engineering fields.

He studied electronic and computer hardware engineering at Oregon Institute of Technology, graduating in 1989. After graduation, he served the Coast Guard in research and development of the Sikorsky HH60J "Jayhawk" medium range recovery helicopter, and the Aerospatiale HH-65A "Dolphin" short range recovery helicopter.

Stan's areas of interest are RF communication with a primary focus on low wattage remote HF ham, pic microcontrollers, solar and wind energy, and home and workplace automation.

His work goal is to provide the best lab experience for the undergraduate students. He is motivated by the "eureka" moments when students finally realize that their projects are working as advertised. Stan joined UTA in September 1999.

Todd Kelley

Tige Kelley Tige Kelley
Engineering Technician III | 817-272-1314
148A Nedderman Hall

Tige "Todd" Kelley started working at UTA in March 2016. He is a recent graduate of UTA with a bachelor's degree in physics. Before returning to UTA, Todd was an electronics technician and technical trainer at Nokia Mobile Phones. Todd is available to the undergraduate students for solder training classes, equipment training, PCB design and milling, 3D printing and parts ordering.