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Professional Program Application

Please follow these instructions to fill in and submit the Professional Program Application.

  1. Application to the Professional Program must be initiated by the student for enrollment in Professional Program EE courses.
  2. All three minimum requirements must be satisfied in order to be admitted to the Professional Program. All required courses must be completed prior to admission to the program.
  3. Grades of transfer courses do not enter into the GPA calculations. Write "T" in the blank and do not add any hours or grade points.
  4. If you are currently enrolled in a required Pre-EE course, please fill in the form after you receive a grade of 'C' of better for the course.
  5. If you have received a grade exclusion for a course, please fill in 'G' for that attempt of the course.
  6. If you wish to claim foreign language exemption, you must submit high school transcript to the EE Advising Office before degree plan will be processed. Otherwise, you will be required to take 6-8 hours foreign language.
  7. Please fill in a grade for each course in the application form. If you are currently enrolled in a course, please fill in the form after you receive a grade of 'C' of better for the course.
  8. If you have attempted a course more than once, fill in all the attempts for that course.
  9. Please fill in your complete personal details and click on the Submit button on the application form.
  10. Your GPA will be calculated and displayed in the form below. Please print out the form and sign it. Submit the signed application to Ms. Lewiston at Room 502 NH.

I have read the directions above, and I clearly understand all the requirements for professional program admission.

Electrical Engineering PreProfessional Application

Begin by entering all of your grades. Please list all attempts where a grade was issued. Only use "A", "B", "C", "D", "F", or "T" (transferred credit).

Course1st Attempt2nd Attempt3rd Attempt
Major GPA
Area GPA
Overall GPA