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Dr. Wei-Jen Lee 
Professor and Director of the Energy Systems Research Center

Areas of Expertise Power system transient stability analysis, power system dynamic stability analysis and control, power system load flow analysis, power system operations, numerical methods in power system simulations, low voltage surge protection, and power electronics.

Office: ELB-304
Office Tel No.: (817) 272-5046
Email Address:

Dr. David A. Wetz 
Assistant Professor

Areas of Expertise Energy Storage, Pulsed Power, High Voltage Engineering, Dielectric Breakdown, Electromagnetic Launch, Power Electronics, MicroGrid Design and Optimization

Office: NH 537
Office Tel No.: (817) 272-1058
Email Address:
Laboratories: ELB 124, ELB 226, and ELB 219

Dr. Ali Davoudi 
Assistant Professor

Areas of Expertise Power electronics-based systems, Energy conversion, Renewable Energy Systems, Vehicular power and propulsion systems, Smart Grids, Energy harvesting, Energy storage.

Office: ELB-303
Office Tel No.: (817) 272-1374
Email Address:

Dr. William E. Dillon 
Associate Professor and Graduate Advisor

Areas of Expertise Power electronics, space power applications, high voltage techniques, conventional power system analysis, computer simulation of electrical components and systems.

Office Tel No.: (817) 272-5720
Email Address:

Dr. Rasool Kenarangui 
Senior Lecturer

Areas of Expertise Electric power distribution systems, designing radiation detectors based on nanocomposit scitillators for gamma-ray radiation and radiation - hardened robotics for sampling and rescue.

Office: NH 531
Office Tel No.: (817) 272-3423
Fax: (817) 272-5072
Email Address:

Dr. Robert Spangler 
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Areas of Expertise Power system analysis, power system operations, power generation, operation and control, power system economics and competitive market operations, nuclear power systems and operations.

Office: ELB-313A
Office Tel No.: (214) 535-2315
Fax: (817) 272-5072
Email Address:

Emeritus Professors

Dr. Raymond R. Shoults 
Emeritus Professor

Areas of Expertise Application of intelligent control concepts to advanced automatic generation control and advanced load frequency control methods; reliability methods; rapid as well as conventional power flow techniques; reactive power flow analysis; and power system simulation (Operator Training Simulators).

Office: ELB-313A
Office Tel No.: (817) 272-3472
Email Address:

Dr. Mo-Shing Chen, P.E. 
Former Professor and Director of the Energy Systems Research Center

Areas of Expertise Modeling and analysis of electric power systems; the computer simulation of electric energy systems; power system planning; economical and security operation of electric power systems; energy conservation; modeling of synchronous machines; and modeling of power system load.