Energy Systems Research Center

Energy Systems Research Center

The ESRC’s vision is to provide global leadership that produces and enhances knowledge leading to a better understanding of global problems and local impacts in the design and operation of electric power systems.

The ESRC’s mission is to develop the knowledge base necessary to understand the problems faced by the electric power industry and provide evaluations and alternative solutions encompassing engineering, economic, and social considerations. In this effort, the ESRC’s focus is concerned with the application of the existing engineering and economic knowledge bases and the introduction of technological advances to achieve project and research solutions.

To achieve its mission, the ESRC utilizes various organizational structures according to the needs of its sponsor clients and researchers, including:

  • Project structures that are designed to address the description and solutions to specific problems identified by industry sponsors. Within these structures the ESRC provides multidisciplinary resources to work in conjunction with the industry sponsor’s organization and project teams to produce a specified work product, and
  • Individual academic research projects in specific areas or topics including the modeling and design of power system equipment and power system operational structures encompassing generation supply, transmission and distribution networks, and end-use customer demand and services.

Mo-Shing Chen Scholarship

Dr. Chen founded the Energy Systems Research Center (ESRC) in 1968, the first research center on the UTA campus.

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Dr. Lee Wei Jen
Lee Wei Jen, Ph.D., PE
Director of the Energy Systems Research Center

Contact Information

Wei-Jen Lee, Ph.D., PE
Director and Professor
Energy Systems Research Center
Engineering Lab Building 304
UTA Box 19016
Arlington, TX 76019
Tel: (817) 272-5046; FAX: (817) 272-2253

Quarterly News

Ph.D. Candidate Md Sohel Mahmood won the 2018 N. M. Stelmakh Outstanding Student Research Award.

Dr. Wei-Jen Lee received the IEEE Industry Applications Society Award 2018 Department Achievement Award for leadership, technical contributions and service.