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Rasool Kenarangui, Ph.D.
Electrical Engineering Department

Dr. Rasool Kenarangui is Senior Lecturer and
Director of Radiation Measurement Applications Laboratory, Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington, USA.

Education: BS in Electrical Engineering, Iowa State University, MS and PhD in Nuclear Engineering, Iowa State University

Research Interests: Dr. Kenarangui research interests are concentrated on electric power distribution systems, designing radiation detectors based on nanocomposit scitillators for gamma-ray radiation and radiation - hardened robotics for sampling and rescue.

Current Research Activities: Currently, Dr. Kenarangui collaborates with other faculty members at the University of Texas at Arlington and specifically with colleagues in the Physics and Electrical Engineering Departments in developing a new scintillation (LaF3:Ce/CdTe) research project to Investigate energy transfer based nanocomposites for radiation detection and identification. Also, to quantify radiation damage on common robot materials and validated subsystem and system failure models for robots.

As an electrical engineering faculty member, he routinely teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in electric power systems in addition to the Reactor Theory and Analysis, and Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering courses.