E E 1205 Spring 2014

William E. Dillon, Ph.D. P.E.

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

William E. Dillon

Send email to: dillon@uta.edu
Office phone: (817) 272-2671
FAX number: (817) 272-2253
Office visit: Room 535 Nedderman Hall

The University of Texas at Arlington <== mail
Department of Electrical Engineering
Box 19016
Arlington  Texas  76019-0016

Contacting me by email:

It is important that you enter E E 1205 within the subject field of any email messages that you send to me. Since I get many email messages, it will help me give your message the priority it deserves if I can easily find it in my mailbox. Also, please be sure that your name is included in the message. I will not respond to unsigned messages.

Office Hours: in 506 NH

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm Tuesday and Thursday