E E 2415 Spring 2015

William E. Dillon, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

William E. Dillon

Send email to: dillon@uta.edu
Office phone: (817) 272-2671
FAX number: (817) 272-2253
Office visit: Room 535 Nedderman Hall

The University of Texas at Arlington <== mail
Department of Electrical Engineering
Box 19016
Arlington  Texas  76019-0016

Contacting me by email:

It is important that you enter E E 2415 within the subject field of any email messages that you send to me. Since I get many email messages, it will help me give your message the priority it deserves if I can easily find it in my mailbox. Also, please be sure that your name is included in the message. I will not respond to unsigned messages.

Office Hours: in 506 NH

1:30 pm - 3:30 pm Tuesday and Thursday

First, come to the EE Advising Office (501 NH). Sign in on the clipboard that is headed "Graduate Advising" and let Ms Moore know that you are there to see me about EE 2415. Usually, there are only a few people there for Graduate Advising, but at certain times there will be an increase in graduate students needing to see me. Especially at these times we must observe a protocol of seeing people in the order they appeared. So, please sign in and wait for your turn.