Spring 2018 EE Homework Tasks Landing Page

Homework Tasks Landing Page for courses EE 2320-001, EE 2320-002 and EE 2440-001

Logging In

If you have arrived at this page with the intention of accessing your homework tasks for any of the above courses, you must log in with your UTA user ID for online access. This is the same user ID that you use for almost everything else online at UTA. It often consists of your three initials followed by the last four digits of your ID number. You were issued this user ID by the UTA Office of Information Technology (OIT).

To log in to YOUR course's Homework Tasks Site, first click the button labeled with your course and section. This action will lead directly to your homework tasks web site.

If you are NOT enrolled in any of the above courses, but wish to explore and practice on the homework tasks, you may enter as a "guest" user by clicking the Guests button in the navigation panel. Choose any one of the five different guest user identities; guest user identities do NOT need a password. If you are enrolled in one of the above courses, be sure to work your assigned homework tasks (for course grade credit) before coming to the Guest page for extra practice. You do NOT earn additional homework course grade credit by solving homework tasks as a guest user.

Registered, but unable to "Log In"?

If you have been UNABLE to log in to the Homework Tasks Data Base, we need to know your UTA Login ID (NOT your password) to resolve this issue, send email ASAP to:

For EE 2320-001, EE 2320-002, and EE 2440-001: kearny@uta.edu

In your e-mail, be sure to specify the course and section (in which you are enrolled) that you are attempting to access.

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