UT Arlington has recently partnered with RE2, a leading robotics company based in Pittsburgh, PA to compete in the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC). Envisioned as a response to natural disasters, DARPA funded 18 teams worldwide to develop robot software and hardware to compete in 8 demanding challenges, including:

  1. Robot will ingress and drive a utility vehicle to disaster.
  2. Robot will egress from vehicle and travel dismounted across rough terrain to a repair site.
  3. Robot will locate a hose and connect it into a spigot.

The project duration is 2 years and offers a $2M prize to the winning team. More information about DRC can be found at http://theroboticschallenge.org/

Dr. Patrick Rowe, Vice President for Research and Development of RE2, Inc., will give a seminar at UT Arlington Research Institute (UTARI) on Monday, November 19 at 11:00 am, in the auditorium. The talk will introduce RE2, Inc. through examples from their past projects, current and technology, and will also discuss the DRC.

Dr. Dan Popa will hold an informational session to introduce the UTA DRC team members and discuss opportunities for others to get involved and help our team effort.

The DRC Project is being carried out at UTARI’s newly established Assistive Robotics Lab and is a collaboration between Engineering Faculty and Graduate students from MAE, EE, and CSE Departments. A chartered shuttle bus will leave the UC in front of Starbucks Café at 10:15 am, and return at 1:00 pm.

RE2 DRC Track B Team

RE2 DRC Team

Dr. Patrick Rowe, project lead, VP R&D, RE2

Andy Somerville, Engineer, RE2

David Rusbarsky, Engineer, RE2


Dr. Dan Popa, UTA project lead, EE Faculty

Dr. Alan Bowling, MAE Faculty

Dr. Gian Luca Mariottini, CSE Faculty

Dr. Frank Lewis, EE Faculty

Dr. Kamesh Subbarao, MAE Faculty

Isura Ranatunga, EE Ph.D. student

Adrian Rodrigues, MAE Ph.D. student

Aaron Staranowicz, CSE Ph.D. student

Ghassan Atmeh, MAE Ph.D. student


Glenn Taylor, Senior Scientist


UTA – DRC Flyer

Supported and Hosted by:

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