SW-4-2-3: Vision techniques for the automation of nanomanipulaton and nanoassembly processes

Christian Dahmen and Prof. Sergej Fatikow, University of Oldenburg, Germany


One of the key challenges with nanomanipulation and nanoassembly is the lack of crucial information on the objects and tools to be used. Due to the small scale of the objects, sensing approaches used at the macroscale often cannot be applied. In order to still enable a high level of control over the processes going on, imaging systems like scanning electron microscopes and atomic force microscoped are commonly used. For the integration of these systems into a working fully automated setup which needs no further user interaction, computer vision algorithm and approaches have to be applied which are robust and tailored to the specific conditions and constraints of the nanomanipulation application. In this talk, several key problems with their state of the art and new solutions will be presented with reference to current research applications. This includes object detection, object tracking and position determination, depth estimation and object classificaton. Limitations of the currently used approaches will be discussed and goals for future development of better approaches shown.

Speaker Biography

Christian Dahmen is the head of the research group "Vision feedback for micro- and nanohandling" in the Division Microrobotics and Control Engineering of Prof. Fatikow at the University of Oldenburg, Germany. The group develops computer vision approaches for the extraction of data from acquired images from various sources with the goal of nano and microhandling automation. His research interests include object tracking algorithms, threedimensional position determination, depth estimation and MRI-based robotic approaches.