MicroRobotics Club at UTA

The main purpose of Micro-Robotics club is to represent The University of Texas at Arlington in Mobile Microrobotics Competitions. The current competition is sponsored by IEEE Robotics and Automation Society and is held annually as part of the International Conference of Robotics and Automation (ICRA). The competition is held in different places around the world with participants from different countries.

MRC Meetings will be held in either location NGS: NH250 or UTARI: room 205 (classroom) unless otherwise stated.
President Nahum A. Torres
Secretary Sudip Rimal
Treasurer Sumit K Das
Webmaster Surya Pachabhaiya
Electrical Team Leader Jiwan Ghimire
Material Science Team Leader Caleb Nothnagle (interim)
UTARI Representative Stephen Savoie
Mechanical Team Leade vacant
Computer Science Team Leader vacant
Marketing vacant
Competition Team Members
Position Name Email Phone No.
Advisor Dr. Dan Popa popa@uta.edu -
Leader Jiwan Ghimire Jiwan.Ghimire@mavs.uta.edu 832-288-0727
Member Gregory Martin Gregory.martin@mavs.uta.edu 817-240-6412
Member Lisa Ebrahiem Lisa.ebrahiem@mavs.uta.edu 817-793-2898
Member Stephen Savoie ssavoie@uta.edu 817-692-5949
Member Caleb Nothnagle calebn@uta.edu 817-733-7263
Member Sudip Rimal Sudip.rimal@mavs.uta.edu 214-909-5975
Member Sumit K Das Sumit.das@mavs.uta.edu 817-744-0214
Member Surya B Pachabhaiya Surya.pachabhaiya@mavs.uta.edu 469-279-2098
Member Nahum Torres Nahum.torres-arenas@mavs.uta.edu 214-862-4433
Member Kishor Budhathoki Kishor.budhathoki@mavs.uta.edu 713-357-8823
Member Joana Corina Bogdan Joanacorina.bogdan@mavs.uta.edu -
Member Devendra Kashudhan Devendra.Kashudhan@mavs.uta.edu 682-234-8900
Member Josh Baptist Jrb.halo101@gmail.com 719-210-2452
  • Andrew Nguyen
  • A.V. Gopi Krishna
  • Caleb Nothnagle
  • Devendra Kashudhan
  • Duy Ngoc Dinh
  • Gregory Martin
  • Joana Corina Bogdan
  • Jiwan Ghimire
  • Josh Baptist
  • Kishor Budhathoki
  • Kyle Shook
  • Lisa Ebrahiem
  • Md Ashan Habib
  • M. Bhargav Koushik
  • Nahum A. Torres
  • Raghavendra Sriram
  • Siddhartha Kadiyala
  • Sudip Rimal
  • Surya B Pachabhaiya
  • Sven Cremer
Nahum Torres nahum.torres-arenas@mavs.uta.edu
Jiwan Ghimire jiwan.ghimire@mavs.uta.edu
Lisa F Ebrahiem lisa.ebrahiem@mavs.uta.edu
Microrobotics team wins 2nd Place at the IEEE MetroCon 2013 Poster competition presented by Nahum Torres(right)
MMC 2013 Mobility Challenge Rank Run 1 Run 2 Run 3
Autonomous Mobility Third 1.385 1.338 1.338
Micro Assembly Second 0 1 1

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