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Welcome to Pulsed Power and Energy Lab !

Dr. Wetz performed his graduate research as a research assistant in the Center for Pulsed Power and Power Electronics at Texas Tech University. While there he performed research in the areas of pulsed power design, pulsed electric field sterilization of liquids, dielectric breakdown phenomena in water, electromagnetic launchers, and small low power hall effect ion thrusters. From 2006 to 2010, he was employed as a Post Doctoral Fellow as well as Research Associate at the Institute for Advanced Technology at the University of Texas at Austin where he performed research on various aspects of electromagnetic launch technology, inductive heating, and general pulsed power supplies. He joined the EE department at the University ot Texas at Arlington in September 2010 as an Assistant Professor. He plans to continue his earlier research as well as branch out more into the power systems area.


Lab Information

  1. Nedderman Hall, Room No.: 131

  2. Pulsed Power and Energy Lab,
    Engineering Lab Building,
    Room No.:226,
    Phone: 817-272-0719

  3. Micro Grid Lab,
    Engineering Lab Building,
    Room No.:219,
    Phone: 817-272-3448

  4. Battery Lab, Engineering Lab Building,
    Room No.:214,
    Phone: 817-272-2961

Contact Information

University of Texas at Arlington
416 Yates Street
Arlington, TX 76019
Mail Box: 19016
Office: Nedderman Hall, RM 537

Supervisor: Dr. David Wetz Webmaster: Caroline Storm