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Welcome to Pulsed Power and Energy Lab !

Hello and thank you for visiting the Pulsed Power and Energy Laboratory (PPEL) at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). As you are probably aware, there are many energy challenges facing the world. To address these challenges, new alternative energy generation sources are being designed, developed, and integrated into a widerange of electrical architectures. These include vehicles, the electrical distribution grid, and future defense applications just to name a few. The PPEL has the mission of assisting its sponsors in understanding the challenges faced when energy storage must be integrated in as small a footprint as possible, which often demands that the energy storage be safely operated at higher than normal power rates. This type of operation brings safety, thermal, and lifetime challenges that must be understood and addressed. Furthermore, power electronics architectures must be developed that fully utilize the full power density and energy density capabilities each energy storage device offers. Utilizing state of the art equipment, it is the mission of the PPEL’s experienced research staff to address and solve these unanswered basic research problems. We welcome you to the site and please feel free to contact us if you have questions or we can be of assistance.


Physical Address

  1. Engineering Lab Building,
    501 W. First St,
    Room No.:124/126/219
    Arlington, TX, 76019

Contact Information

  1. Phone: 817-272-0719

Supervisor: Dr. David Wetz Webmaster: Caroline Westenhover

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University of Texas at Arlington
416 Yates Street
537 Nedderman Hall
Arlington, TX 76019