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Lab Capabilities </br></br>

We have a wide range of equipment to facilitate the various research we are doing. For the full list and descriptions download the capabilities document on the left.

Figure 1: Our Microgrid is designed to be an easily reconfigurable testbed on which advanced energy storage cells/modules can be experimentally validated.

Figure 2: The lab is 5000 sq ft laboratory located in Engineering Laboratory Building (ELB) rooms 124 and 126

Figure 3: 2 - 1kW motor/generator with custom DC excitation and 3 phase 120 VAC output

Figure 4: 7 channel MACCOR 4000 series battery cycler system and 2 enviromental chambers

Figure 5: 9 – 80 V / 1000 A / 15.6 kW Chroma 63209 DC programmable loads