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Tour of Oncor’s Microgrid at Its Technology Demonstration & Education Center

If you’ve wondered how far technology can move our industry to help optimize the grid and reduce outages, come join conference attendees in visiting Oncor’s Technology Demonstration & Education Center (TDEC).

Located about 20 minutes from downtown Dallas, the TDEC shows how distributed generation and energy storage can be maximized to improve reliability and flexibility of operations while enhancing customer experience.

Visitors will learn about, and observe from the control room, an operating 100 acre microgrid with multiple loads and power requirements.  The Oncor microgrid integrates over 100 kW PV solar, a 65 kW microturbine, and 200 kW / 400 kWh of energy storage.

The site’s microgrid control system integrates with traditional utility switchgear and Diesel emergency generation on site to provide operational capability during any grid outage with 660 kW of firm site generation, plus available solar and storage.

You will also experience the Oncor ‘immersion room’ used for general education about the future role of energy storage and microgrids in the utility of the future.

Time on site is about an hour.




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