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June 21, 2012
EES Department Receives 3 year, $4.4 million grant from IHS and SMT. IHS Inc. recently acquired Seismic Micro Technology Inc. (SMT), known for Kingdom, their seismic interpretation software that is widely used in the petroleum industry. The grant from the combined companies consists of a license to use the software for 3 years on 25 computers. The department also has a license from IHS for Petra, software used to interpret well log information. The Kingdom software is currently being used this spring semester in the Department's Seismic Interpretation course taught by Wayne Hoskins and Bill Moulton. The course is part of the Petroleum Geoscience Master's program at UTA. The image shows a seismic interpretation of sedimentary layers together with well log information illustrating a petroleum reservoir from the SMT website. For more information about HIS and SMT, go to http://www.ihs.com/about/index.aspx and http://www.seismicmicro.com/Default.asp.