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March-2015 - Fan (Sole PI) received NSF CAREER award (EAR-1454802) to work on the surface uplift and climate change along the strike of the Rocky Mountains. Thanks to NSF! http://www.uta.edu/news/releases/2015/03/Fan-RockyMtns-NSFgrant.php

November 2014 - Visiting PhD student, Yiquan Ma, joined our group. Yiquan will be working on shale stratigraphy and early Eocene paleoclimate recorded in the Jiyang depression in east China.

October 2014 - Our group presented three talks and one poster at the 2014 national GSA meeting.

September 2014 - undergraduate students, William Hoffman and Bud Dillard, joined the research group. Welcome!

August 2014 - Jenna West joined the group, Jenna will be working on a basin analysis project in Wyoming. Welcome!

August 2014 - M.S. Student Alex Mankin successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations to Alex! Alex is a currently a geologist at Energy & Exploration Partners.

July 2014 - Ph.D. Student Min Gao and undergraduate student Patricia Garay finished doing field work in Wyoming. Good job!

July 2014 - M.S. Student Ohood Al Salem successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations to Ohood! Ohood will start her Ph.D. research in the coming fall semester.

June 2014 - Fan (Sole PI) received new research grant (ACS-PRF-54673-DNI8, $110 K) from the America Chemical Society to work on the Influence of mantle processes on the formation of petroleum-bearing basins in the central Rocky Mountains, western U.S.A.. Thanks to ACS!

May 2014 - M.S. student Ohood Al Salem received $2,000 from Golf Coast Association of Geological Societies to continue her research on the subsidence history of the Fort Worth Basin in Texas. Congratulations to Ohood! Thanks to GCAGS!

May 2014 - Ph.D. student Min Gao received $900 from GSA Research Grant Program to continue her research on the Laramide deformation in Wyoming. Congratulations to Min! Thanks to GSA!