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Major Change Request Form

Cumulative GPA below 2.0* Yes No
Major Requested:
Department of Earth and Environmental Studies:
Geology Intended (Unsure of specific degree)
Geology B.S.
Professional Option Environmental Science Option Engineering Geology Option
Environmental Science B.S.
GeoInformatics B.S.
General Option Earth Science Option
Geology B.A.
General Option Geographic Informations Systems Option
Department of Physics:
Physics Intended (Unsure of specific degree)
Physics B.S.
General Engineering Emphasis Medical School Preparation
Physiscs B.A.
Physiscs B.S. / Master's in Material Science and Engineering (Fast Track Program)
Second Major in physics

For more details Contact:
Eraneisha Gibson, Academic Advisor
Phone: 817-272-9686, Office: GS 107E, Email: eraneisha.gibson@uta.edu