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Announcement of an International Symposium

"Colloidal and Molecular Electro-Optics"








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  SPONSOR:      Division of Colloid & Surface Chemistry
                             of the American Chemical Society (ACS)

  COSPONSORS:  Division of Physical Chemistry
                                  Division of Polymer Chemistry

  DATE:               March 24-27, 2003

  LOCATION:     225th ACS National Meeting,
                         New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


              (Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans)
                            900 Convention Center Blvd.,
                            New Orleans, LA 70130-1755


  The ACS National Meeting in New Orleans is planned to proceed
  as scheduled.  In the event of any change, notification will be 
  posted  immediately on this and on the ACS-New Orleans
  Meeting's  websites.

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  Transient and stationary optical effects (birefringence,
                                                            light scattering,

  under external force field (electric, magnetic, mechanical, etc.)
  in colloidal             (including organelles and cells,
                               mono- and multilayers,
                               and composite particles)

  and molecular       (including biomolecular,
                              and liquid crystalline)  systems.
  Topics  will also include related interfacial effects and both 
  experimental and theoretical results.


.   Organizer/Chair:   Prof. Zoltan A. Schelly,  schelly@uta.edu


  Co-Chair:   Prof. Stoyl  P. Stoylov,  stoylov@ipchp.ipc.bas.bg


.   For the Program click here.

  Deadlines:  Online registration will start on January 27, 2003.

                        Visit the home page of the "New Orleans National
                        Meeting & Exposition" at


  Abstracts:   Submission of Abstracts is now closed.
                    Authors may view their submitted Abstracts  via
                    the  OASYS  web site.                

  Registration:   Registration is handled online by the American
                         Chemical Society.

                         The deadline for Advance Registration (to receive 
                         discounted registration rate) 
is  February 26 !

                         Please visit the following web site for details: 


                         International registrants in particular are urged
                         to visit the above website for information on visa
                         application, currency exchange, etc.

                         As there is a significant difference in registration
                         fees between those for Members and Non-
                         Members of ACS, it is advantageous to join the
                         ACS ahead of time.  Information and online
                         application for membership in ACS and registration
                         is available at


   Travel:   Travel arrangements will have to be made individually.

  Housing:   Hotel reservations at discounted rates are
                   available through ACS ( http://chemistry.org/meetings ),
                   but reservations can also be made individually.
                   Early hotel reservation is encouraged  because the
                   typical number of participants at Spring ACS Meetings
                   is around 10,000.)

  History of the ELOPTO Conferences: 

  ELOPTO-2003 is the 10th of a series of international symposia
  on electro-optics. The conferences were and will be held in 
  different countries:

1974: Liège, Belgium

1975: Pacific Grove (Asilomar), CA, USA

1977: Uxbridge (Brunell), UK

1980: Troy, NY, USA

1988: Tokyo, Japan

1991: Varna, Bulgaria

1994: Bielefeld, Germany

1997: St. Petersburg, Russia

2000: Pamporovo, Bulgaria (ELOPTO-2000)

2003: New Orleans, LA, USA (ELOPTO-2003)

2006: Kyoto, Japan (ELOPTO-2006)

2009: Bayreuth, Germany


  Advisory Committee for ELOPTO-2003

T. Bellini (Italy)
K. D. Caldwell (Sweden)
H. Hoffmann (Germany)
C. Houssier (Belgium)
S. Krause (USA)
E. Neumann (Germany)
T. Okubo (Japan)
W. Oppermann (Germany)
R. Pecora (USA)
I. Petkanchin (Bulgaria)
V. Peykov (USA)
N. C. Stellwagen (USA)
E. Tekle (USA)
J. G. de la Torre (Spain)
Toshiyuki Watanabe (Japan)
K. Yamaoka (Japan)
Hyuk Yu (USA)

  International Advisory Board of the ELOPTO Conference Series

S. P. Stoylov (Bulgaria) – Chair
S. Krause (USA)
A. Minakata (Japan)
E. Neumann (Germany)
T. Okubo (Japan)
I. Petkanchin (Bulgaria)
D. Pörschke (Germany)
Z. A. Schelly (USA)
K. Starchev (Switzerland)
N. C. Stellwagen (USA)
A. Trussov (Russia)
N. Tsvetkov (Russia)
V. Voitylov (Russia)
K. Yamaoka (Japan)

Honorary Members:  C. Houssier (Belgium)
                                         B. R. Jennings (UK)
                                         C. T. O'Konski (USA)
                                         K. Yoshioka (Japan)

  Contact:   Questions should be directed to schelly@uta.edu

  Useful Links:  New Orleans National ACS Meeting

                        American Chemical Society

                        Division of Colloid & Surface Chemistry


















































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