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International Symposium

"Colloidal and Molecular

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, March 24-27, 2003

Z. A. Schelly and S. Stoylov, Organizers




0.  Introductory remarks

Welcoming of the participants and thanking for their attendance.

Financial support by the ACS Petroleum Research Fund is gratefully acknowledged.

On behalf of the International Advisory Board of the ELOPTO Conference Series, the Chair of the symposium presented the 5th Kerr Medal to Prof. S. P. Stoylov.  He received a plaque, and his scheduled regular presentation was designated the Kerr Medal Address.


Upon the request of the International Advisory Board, the next (11th) electro-optics conference, ELOPTO-2006, will be organized by Professors T. Okubo and K. Yamaoka in Uji-City, Kyoto, Japan, May 22-25, 2006 (http://www.elopto.jp/).

See you in Kyoto in 2006!

  Zoltan  A. Schelly

Acknowledgment:  Support by ACS (PRF Grant # 39357-SE) and The Welch Foundation (Grant Y-0703 to Z.A.S.) are gratefully acknowledged.

Table of Contents

The list of submitted Abstracts follows the order of titles of papers in the Program.  The individual titles in the Program, the corresponding Abstracts (see below), and their authors in the
List of Authors are cross-linked through the Abstract Numbers.

Abstracts by session:

1.  Advances in methodology

2.  Poster Session

3.  Theoretical aspects

4.  Rigid particles

5.  Polymers and polyelectrolytes

6.  Vesicles and membranes

7.  Biomolecular systems

8.  Crystalline systems and gels

List of Authors     (The affiliation of authors can be found in their Abstracts.)



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