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International Symposium

"Colloidal and Molecular Electro-Optics"







List of Authors



    DATE:               March 24-27, 2003

    LOCATION:       New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

  The ACS National Meeting in New Orleans is planned to proceed
  as scheduled.  In the event of any change, notification will be
  posted  immediately on this and on the ACS-New Orleans
  Meeting's  websites.


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Cosponsored with Division of Physical Chemistry, 
and Division of Polymer Chemistry

Z. A. Schelly and S. Stoylov, Organizers


   Oral Sessions:
   (Convention Center --  Room 291)

  Advances in methodology
  Theoretical aspects
  Rigid particles
  Polymers and polyelectrolytes
  Vesicles and membranes
  Biomolecular systems
  Crystalline systems and gels

  Poster Session




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- Advances in methodology  (Monday, March 24)
                                                      Z. A. Schelly, Presiding

2:00 — 0. Introductory Remarks.  Z. A. Schelly

2:05 —152. Kerr Medal Address: Colloidal electro-optics in nanotechnology research: Characterization of composite nanoparticles. S. P. Stoylov, M. Buleva, G. Bila, I. B. Petkanchin

[2:35 —153. Frequency-domain electric birefringence study on the deformation dynamics of microemulsion droplets. T. Shimomura, K. Ito]

[2:55 —154. Wide-band spectroscopy of dynamic electrophoretic mobility and its application to microrheology. D. Mizuno, Y. Kimura, R. Hayakawa]

[3:15 —155. Electrooptic and electrophoretic research of colloid dispersions of high electric conductivity. O. Kolesnikova, A. Trusov, A. Voitylov, V. Vojtylov, T. Zernova]

3:35 — Intermission.

3:45 —156. Quantitative approach to molecular electro-optics: Combined structure-dipole analysis. D. Pφrschke

4:15 —157. Laser temperature jump experiments with nanometer space resolution using Rhodamine 101 anti-Stokes fluorescence from nanoseconds to milliseconds for precise measurements of temperature changes in liquid micro-environments. J. F. Holzwarth, S. Couderc, A. Beeby, I. P. Clark, A. W. Parker

4:35 —158. Development of a micronized electrical field-flow fractionation instrument with an improved electrode system. R. ter Veen, M. Jφnsson, J. Gantelius, U. Lindberg, K. D. Caldwell

4:55 —159. Polarization of the gas-liquid interface. S. P. Stoylov, M. Buleva  

- Poster Session  (Monday evening, March 24)
                                  Convention Center -- Hall  J

6:00 - 8:00 PM

188. CdS quantum dots prepared via electroporation of vesicles: Experimental and computational results. H. Zeng, D. S. Marynick, Z. A. Schelly

189. Electro-optics of cylindrical dendrimers. N. V. Tsvetkov, V. O. Ivanova, N. V. Girbasova, A. Y. Bilibin

[190. Electrooptical behavior of fullerene-containing liquid crystalline dendrimers in solutions. N. P. Yevlampieva, P. Lavrenko, B. Dardel, R. Deschenaux]

[191. Specific electrooptical properties of different type fullerene C60-poly(vinylpyrrolydone) derivatives. N. P. Yevlampieva, O. V. Nazarova, E. F. Panarin, E. I. Rjumtsev]

192. Steady electro-optic parameters in noninteracting colloidal dispersions. S. Miteva, M. Stoimenova

[193. Magneto-conductometric method of studying colloidal particle's electric polarizability. A. Spartakov, A. Trusov, V. Vojtylov]

194. Kerr effect in structured copolymer melts. S. G. Polushin, S. K. Filippov, A. V. Lezov, E. Barmatov, E. I. Rjumtsev

195. Electro-optic study of model suspensions from cloudy apple juice. I. B. Petkanchin, K. Mihalev, M. Buleva, P. Mollov

[196. Electrical properties of a fluorine-containing ionomer, PPFNA. A. Minakata, M. Kimura, S. Yano, Y. Tanaka, T. Araki, T. Shimizu]

[197. Alignment control of monodispersed acrylic particles for application in structural color materials. T. Yoshida]

198. Ion absorption on mangrove cell walls. K. Kimura, M. Yoshida

[199. MgATP induced conformational changes of myosin-extracted muscle fibers measured by fluorescence microspectroscopy. M. Taniguchi, K. Tani, H. Aragane]

- Theoretical aspects  (Tuesday, March 25)
                                         V. Peykov, Presiding

8:30 —365. Calculation of electro-optical properties of rigid particles and flexible macromolecules in solution. J. Garcia de la Torre, H. E. Perez Sanchez, A. Ortega, M. X. Fernandes, M. C. Lopez Martinez, F. G. Diaz

9:00 —366. Electrical polarizability of polyelectrolytes by Monte Carlo simulation. K. Kikuchi

9:20 —367. Microion disposition in colloidal systems. K. S. Schmitz

9:40 —368. Hydration interactions between apoferritin molecules and the phase behavior of the solution. P. G. Vekilov, D. N. Petsev, S. Brandon, P. Katsonis

10:00 —369. Alpha-dispersion of induced dipole moment of the spheroidal particle. V. N. Shilov

- Rigid particles  (Tuesday, March 25)
                               N. Stellwagen, Presiding

2:00 —402. Electric birefringence and dichroism measurements on synthetic clays in the presence of adsorbed amphiphilic compounds. H. Hoffmann

2:30 —403. Anisotropy of electric polarizability of fractionated bentonite particles in aqueous media. M. Matsumoto, K. Yamamoto, S. Fushitani, K. Nitta, S. Yoshima

2:50 —404. Interactions between nanoparticles and between nanoparticles and substrates. E. Hutter, D. Roy, J. H. Fendler

3:10 — Intermission.

3:30 —405. Electro-optical method of determination of the type of aggregation kinetics. A. M. Zhivkov, S. P. Stoylov

3:50 —406. Counterion dynamics in presence of polymers as studied by electric light scattering. I. B. Petkanchin

4:10 —407. Electro-optic and electrokinetic studies of laponite nanoparticles. M. Buleva, A. M. Zhivkov, S. P. Stoylov

- Polymers and polyelectrolytes  (Wednesday, March 26)
                                                             T. Okubo, Presiding

8:30 —437. Electric birefringence of stiff-chain polymers in solution. W. Oppermann

9:00 —438. Polymer alloys with colloidal-size phases prepared in electric fields. S. Krause, J. Li, N. Bentenitis

9:20 —439. Nanoscale charge nonuniformity on colloids in the presence of surfactants and polyelectrolytes. D. Velegol, J. Feick

9:40 — Intermission.

9:55 —440. Microfabrication of polymers for opto-electronics and biomedical applications. T. Watanabe, Y. Lu, F. Hasegawa, F. Chiba, N. Kimura, M. Tsubouchi, K. Totani

[10:15 —441. Unraveling an old mystery: The anomalous electric birefringence of concentrated polyelectrolytes. T. G. Bellini, F. Mantegazza]

10:35 —442. Electro-optics of self-assembled multilayers of strong polyelectrolytes. T. Radeva, V. Milkova, I. B. Petkanchin

- Vesicles and membranes  (Wednesday, March 26)
K. Yamaoka, Presiding

2:00 —475. Electric birefringence, light scattering and electroporation of synthetic liposomes. Z. A. Schelly, N. Asgharian, N. M. Correa, H. Zhang, V. Peikov, H. Zeng

2:30 —476. Electrodiffusion of genetic oligoelectrolytes through electroporated planar lipid membranes. E. Neumann, N. I. Hristova-Betow

3:00 —477. Selective electroporation of a vesicle population in high frequency electric fields. E. Tekle, B. P. Chock

3:20 — Intermission.

3:35 —478. Kinetics of optical membrane probes for lipid vesicle elongation and electroporation in high electric fields. S. A. Kakorin, T. Liese, E. Neumann

3:55 —479. Modeling of the electric field-induced birefringence of vesicles. V. T. Peikov, Z. A. Schelly

[4:15 —480. Interpretation of electric and optical signals associated with the function of transmembrane ion pumps. A. Dιr]

4:35 —481. Geometry of purple membranes in aqueous medium. A. M. Zhivkov

- Biomolecular systems  (Thursday, March 27)
S. P. Stoylov, Presiding

8:30 —523. First experiments on electro-optics properties of biopolymers. H. C. Benoit

9:00 —524. Reversing-pulse electric birefringence of multicomponent systems: The case of negative and positive mixed signals of DNA in ionic solutions. K. Yamaoka

9:30 —525. DNA oligomers studied by the optical Kerr effect. S. R. Aragon, M. Perez

9:50 —526. Using transient electric birefringence to measure the flexibility and static bending of DNA restriction fragments. N. C. Stellwagen, Y. Lu, B. Weers

10:20 — Intermission.

10:30 —527. Significant differences are observed between gel mobility anomalies and TEB relaxation times for curved DNA molecules. Y. Lu, B. Weers, N. C. Stellwagen

10:50 —528. Electric dipole moments of bacteria: Electro-optic measurements of the permanent and induced dipole moments of Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa 11B. S. P. Stoylov

11:10 —529. Electrokinetic mobility of short DNA oligomers. N. C. Stellwagen, A. M. Zhivkov

11:30 —530. Electro-optical study of plastocyanin adsorbed on
b-ferric hydroxide particles. N. Tuparev, I. B. Petkanchin, A. Donchev, M. Dimitrov, S. G. Taneva

11:50 —531. Using capillary electrophoresis to measure the electrostatic shielding of DNA in various buffer/salt solutions. N. C. Stellwagen, E. Stellwagen

- Crystalline systems and gels  (Thursday, March 27)
S. Krause, Presiding

1:30 —568. Conservative and dissipative structures in colloidal dispersions in an electric field. T. Okubo

[2:00 —569. Linear and nonlinear electrooptic response of chiral smectic liquid crystals. Y. Kimura, R. Hayakawa]

[2:20 —570. Scattering study of topological gel. K. Ito, Y. Okumura]

2:40 —571. Colloidal crystallization of polymer-modified silica in organic solvents and immobilization by gelation. K. Yoshinaga, K. Fujiwara

3:00 — Intermission.

[3:15 —572. Intra- and interparticle interactions of polyampholyte nanogels. E. Kokufuta, A. Nakayama, K. Ogawa]

3:35 —573. Unusual electrooptical effects and molecular properties of novel LC polymers with siloxane main chain and laterally attached cyanobiphenylene mesogenic side groups. P. Lavrenko, O. Okatova, I. Kolomiets, D. Lacey, A. W. Hall

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