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Balanced Scorecard

In April 2012, the College of Engineering unveiled a strategic plan with a list of goals it hopes to achieve to realize its mission of serving industry, government and academia through leadership in education, innovation, and entrepreneurship to improve quality of life in Texas and beyond. This mission and goals put forth in the document have not been widely implemented thus far. How will the College align its activities with the strategic plan to make its vision and mission a reality? 

Traditional measures of performance look at lagging indicators. The Balanced Scorecard approach gives a more in-depth look and allows an organization to emphasize activities that enable it to reach its goals. There are also leading indicators that allow the organization to plan for the future and identify and accomplish strategic goals. The approach takes into account six perspectives and gathers input from all constituencies to gain a comprehensive look at its true performance.

Information on this page is provided to help constituents of the College of Engineering participate in and understand the development of a Balanced Scorecard for the College.

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