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Strategic Planning

Input Welcomed on New Vision, Mission, and Goals Statements

See Vision, Mission and Goals

After an exhaustive process of meetings, interviews and discussion, the Strategic Planning Team has finalized draft versions of new vision, mission and goals statements for the College of Engineering.

The strategic planning process began when Dean Jean-Pierre Bardet joined the College in January 2012. He hired Strategic Focus Associates (SFA) of Charleston, S.C., to assist in this undertaking. Representatives from SFA worked with a strategic planning team comprised of faculty and staff of the College of Engineering and other areas of the University. The team, chaired by Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department Chair Erian Armanios and interim Vice President for Research Carolyn Cason, was divided into three sub-groups: data, benchmarking and vision, mission and goals.

Surveys of several constituencies, including alumni, students, faculty and industry provided data that was separated into 12 main areas (see data slides). Information from those areas was used to identify strengths and weaknesses and, from there, to write the vision, mission and goals statements below. Please read them.

You may also wish to review other items on this page, including Wes Jurey's comments summarizing a panel discussion entitled Envisioning the Future of North Texas and its Metroplex, as well as presentation slides from that event. Also, you'll find Powerpoint slides with summaries of the data collected during the strategic planning process.

It is important to the process to have as much input as possible. Please take advantage of this opportunity and encourage others to do so as well. The input gathered over the next few months will be considered when reviewing the vision, mission and goals statements and deciding what action to take next.

Vision, Mission, and Goals


Be a global leader for transformative research and education.


Serve industry, government and academia through leadership in education, innovation and entrepreneurship to improve quality of life in Texas and beyond.


Graduate innovative, entrepreneurial engineers

Educate through transformative learning environments

Instill and enable life long learning

Attract and develop faculty of distinction

Enable cross-disciplinary collaboration

Deliver world class research

Solve societal challenges through strategic partnership with industry, government, and academia

Celebrate our successes