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Ron Cross

Ronald E. Cross

Ronald E. Cross
Engineering Functional Management Team Director
L3 Communications, Link Simulation and Training

M.S. Engineering Management, Florida Institute of Technology, 1990
B.S. Engineering Physics, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, 1979

Ron Cross has more that 29 years of experience in the engineering field, including 24 in the aerospace and defense areas holding mainly engineering supervisory and management positions. He has participated in development projects involving the Space Shuttle, Patriot missiles, Army communication shelters (CNCE), Targeting and Navigation (LANTIRN), and Simulation and Training, to name a few. He has executed designs for computer boards, memory boards, power systems, and other general circuitry developing as well the supporting micro-code.

Mr. Cross’ positions have included Senior Staff Engineer, Project Engineering, System Architect, Group Leader, Manager and Director. Before joining Link Simulation and Training, Ron participated in a wide variety of engineering design and development including such non-defense related products as telephone screening systems, early personal computers, and commercial products supporting the recycling and vending industries.

As an engineering director at Link Simulation and Training, Mr. Cross is responsible for personnel hiring, assignments to programs, technical training, technical problem resolution teams, processes, independent audits, and general certifications related to CMMI and AS9100. He manages 24 departments across New York, Florida and Texas, encompassing more than 500 engineering professionals.