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Employer Information

Coleman and Student

The Engineering Cooperative Education/Internship Program was instituted to satisfy the need for undergraduate students to gain practical work experience in addition to academic knowledge. This office will also assist with master-level internships.

The cooperative method has proven to be exceptionally effective in bringing together future employees and companies in a way that is beneficial to all parties. Companies gain well-educated, relatively short-term employees with the latest knowledge and training. Students gain first-hand experience and a preview of the work-world that they will be entering. Since its inception, the Engineering Cooperative Education/Internship Program at UTA has gained the endorsement of numerous companies in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex and elsewhere.

Differences Between Cooperative Education and Internships:

  • Cooperative Education - Students can work full-time or part time –employment is by semester. The coop program is associated with the university, the student enrolls in a pass/fail course.
  • Internships are on-going, part time positions that work around school schedules.
  • All positions can be posted through HIREANENGINEER Additional assistance is available by contacting the Co-op/Intern office or 817-272-2569.
  • On campus interviews can be arranged.