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Exam Policies and Procedures

The following procedures have been put in place to establish uniform procedures, guaranteeing fairness and integrity for all online students in the College of Engineering.

Test-Taking Options

  1. Come to UTA and take the exam with the On-Campus section of your class. This is a free option – there is no charge if you take the exam in the classroom with the On-Campus section. The instructor may make this mandatory for Online students who live or work within a 50-mile radius of the UTA campus.
  2. Come to UTA and take the exam On-Campus at a time designated by the instructor, but outside of normal class hours. Exams will typically be offered during the evening. This option may only be used if the instructor is willing to set up a specific time and place for students to come to campus outside the scheduled class period. The instructor may make this mandatory for Online students who live or work within a 50-mile radius of the UTA campus. The cost for this option is also free.
  3. Contact an Exam Center that is a member of the National College Testing Association.  A list of these centers may be found at  There is a charge for this option.  The student is responsible for all fees associated with taking an exam at an NCTA-sponsored site.
  4. Many universities and community colleges allow students registered at other universities to take tests at their testing centers. If you are located near such a facility, check them out.
  5. Other locations that identify as formal Testing Centers such as Sylvan Learning Centers1 may be contacted.
  6. If there is no NCTA Test Center within 50 miles of the student’s location, please contact your instructor and/or Engineering Online or call (817) 272-2352 to make alternate arrangements.

Off Campus Exam Steps:

Arrangements for Exam Proctoring should be made early in the semester.

  1. Contact the Exam Center of your choice.
  2. Fill out and have the Exam Center sign the Proctor Registration Form.
  3. Ask your instructor where to return the form.  To the instructor or Engineering Online Office.
  4. Return the form via email to the appropriate person/office.

Exam Day:

  • All exams must be taken within a 24-hour window.  The window begins when on-campus students take their exam and ends 24 hours later.
  • Exam Instructions will be sent to your proctor along with the exam. 
  • The proctor will return the completed exam and Exam Return Sheet to UTA.
  • The proctor will keep the original copy of the completed exam in a locked file until the student has received his/her final grade at the end of the grading semester.  Exams may be destroyed only after this time.

UTA will NOT BE RESPONSIBLE if a student neglects to make arrangements for exam proctoring.

Proctor Registration

Download the Proctor Registration form.

1This should not be considered an endorsement by UTA of Sylvan Learning Center or any other Test Center.