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Testing Facts for Students

Who is required to submit a proctor registration form?

All students taking an online course are required to submit a Proctor Registration Form each semester.

What is a proctor and why do I need one?
  • A proctor is a person who monitors students taking exams.
  • To ensure the integrity of the assessment process it is the responsibility of the proctor to see that students follow an instructors guidelines for each exam.
  • Proctors must be unbiased individuals who, in general, have no personal association or affiliation with the student(s) they proctor.
  • No company employee (managers, co-workers, etc.) is allowed to act as a proctor.
  • Proctoring in a private residence or setting is NOT permissible.
I've never had a proctor before.  Where should I start?
  • National College Testing Association is an association of testing centers that wish to have their services listed for students needing proctoring services.
  • If you are not able to locate an acceptable testing site using the link above; review the information on who is allowed to act as a proctor and locate an organization that meets our criteria.
  • Once you have located a suitable proctor, fill out and submit the Off-Campus Proctor Registration Form.
Who is allowed to proctor my exams?
  • Testing Centers affiliated with the National Testing Association.
  • Testing Centers located at accredited post-secondary colleges, community colleges or universities.
  • Professional librarians currently employed in public or private libraries.
At what locations am I allowed to take my exams?
  • Testing Centers or Libraries.
  • Exams MUST be taken at the center or library business locations.
  • Proctoring in a private residence or setting is NOT permissible.
How long do I have to comlete my exam?
  • Online students are allowed 24 hours to take and complete their exams.
  • The 24 hours begins at the time the on-campus class exam begins.
How will my exam be delivered?
  • Method of delivery is based solely at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Most exams are free form paper exams, emailed directly to the proctor.
May I take my exam on campus with the class?
  • Yes, this requires approval from the instructor.  The instructor will determine if the classroom is large enough to accommodate additional students.
  • Fill out and submit the In-Class Exam Registration Form.
May I take my exam on campus but not with the class?
  • Yes, this requires approval from the instructor.
  • Please fill out and submit the On-Campus Alternative Proctor Registration Form.
Do proctors charge for their services?
  • Students should check with the testing center or proctor about any charges levied.
  • Any charges are the responsibility of the student.
Are there any technical requirements needed by proctors?
  • Proctors must have access to the Internet.
  • Proctors should have an official business email account (not free email accounts like hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc).
  • The proctor should also have access to a printer and scanner.
Can I use a proctor that was previously used?
  • Yes, you may use a previous proctor. Be sure to check with the proctor to be certain they are still willing to proctor for you.
  • If so, fill out and submit the appropriate proctor registration form.
My proctor is not able to proctor one of my exams?
  • First, check with your proctor to see if another person in their department is available and willing to proctor on their behalf. If there is someone who can substitute have your proctor send us the contact information for the substitute and we will add it to the proctor’s registration form.
  • Contact information includes: Name, Email Address, Phone Number and Title