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Aerospace Engineering Minor

To receive a minor in Aerospace Engineering, a student must complete the following three courses with a grade of C or better in each:

  • MAE 2312 (Solid Mechanics)
  • MAE 2323 (Dynamics)
  • MAE 2315 (Fluid Dynamics), or MAE 2314 (Fluid Mechanics)

and must complete three courses with a grade of D or better in each, selected from among the following seven:

  • MAE 3303 (Aerodynamics of Compressible Flow)
  • MAE 3304 (Astronautics)
  • MAE 3405 (Flight Dynamics)
  • MAE 3306 (Flight Performance and Stability)
  • MAE 3315 (Aerospace Structure Statics)
  • MAE 3316 (Aerospace Structure Dynamics)
  • MAE 4321 (Propulsion) as well as all requrired prerequisites for the three chosen coures.