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Mechanical Engineering Minor

The mechanical engineer needs to be extremely versatile and can be found in a large variety of private and public sector organizations. He or she may be involved in product design and development, manufacturing, project management, power generation or other operations. Therefore, the mechanical engineering curriculum is broad-based and emphasizes fundamental engineering sciences and applications.

A minor in Mechanical Engineering requires at least 18 semester credit hours in Mechanical Engineering courses. To receive a minor in Mechanical Engineering, a student must complete MAE 2312 (Solid Mechanics), 2323 (Dynamics), MAE 3310 (Thermodynamics I), and minimum 9 additional semester credit hours from: MAE 2314, 3183, 3242, 3311, 3314, 3318, 3319, 3324, 3344, 4310, 4342, 4344. All courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.