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Academic Scholarships | College of Engineering

The UT Arlington Scholarship Office offers several general academic scholarships (awards from $2,000 - $8,000) for entering freshman and transfer students, and the College of Engineering and departments within the College offer scholarships for returning students. Eligible undergraduate students must be admitted by the appropriate year's scholarship deadline in mid-February in order to receive automatic consideration for general academic scholarships administered through the UT Arlington Scholarship Office.

Learn more about these general academic scholarships.

Notifications to scholarship recipients are usually sent around the first of March. Freshman and transfer students are selected for scholarships based on their application for admission. No further application is needed. Returning students must fill out the College of Engineering scholarship application or apply through their department. 

Engineering Excellence Scholarships - Endowed Scholarships for Freshmen

  • Engineering freshmen who receive the President's Charter Scholarship from UTA are automatically considered for this $2,000 scholarship.
  • Renewed annually for up to 4 years at a total of $8,000 if eligibility is maintained.
  • Awarded to a small number of entering freshman engineering students.
  • Funded by a variety of named endowments in the College.

College of Engineering Dean’s Excellence in Undergraduate Studies Scholarship

The College of Engineering is awarding a limited number of competitive undergraduate students based on their academic performance. These scholarships will have a minimum award of $1,000. Awardees who are nonresidents of Texas or citizens of a country other than the United States of America may be eligible to pay the in-state tuition rate.

  1. Only those undergraduate students who meet all of the following criteria are eligible to apply:
  2. Student must be an undergraduate student with a GPA of 3.5 or better. 
  3. Must have completed a minimum of 30 hours of course credit at UT Arlington (transfer credits do not count).

Must be enrolled as a full-time student in an undergraduate degree program in the College of Engineering with a minimum course load of 12 hours or more.


The deadline for submitting application materials for fall semester is September 1, and for spring semester is February 1. No awards are made during summer terms.

Click here to apply for this scholarship

Award Criteria: A scholarship committee convened by the Dean will review the application materials submitted by eligible applicants. In selecting the recipients from the pool of eligible applicants, the committee will consider student’s academic performance. It may also consider the type of courses completed at each UT Arlington, as well as other noteworthy scholastic accomplishments.

Terms of Award: Each award is one-time only and is not renewable. However, eligible students – based on the above eligibility criteria – who have been previous recipients of this scholarship, may reapply and their application will be treated as a new application.

Other College of Engineering Scholarships

The College of Engineering offers scholarships to returning undergraduate and graduate students.  To begin the application for these scholarships, returning students should visit the general scholarships page. These scholarships include:

  • North American Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • Bettye M. Rady Scholarship Fund
  • Jack R. Woolf Endowed Scholarship
  • FIRST/Jack R. Woolf Scholarship
  • Karan Harbison Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Stephen A. Underwood Endowed Foundation
  • Bell Helicopter Endowed Scholarship for Engineering
  • Huitt- Zoller Endowed Scholarship
  • Mary Aline Baker Haden Endowed Scholarship
  • Bill and Marsha Carroll Endowed Scholarship
  • Glenn Carter Endowed Engineering Scholarship
  • Janet and Mike Greene Endowed Engineering Scholarship
  • Dorothy J. and A.W. Cross Engineering Book
  • Charlie and Mollie Daniels Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Fort Worth Post SAME Engineering, Architecture, and Science
  • Fine Arts Society of India Endowed Fellowship
  • Kalpana Chawla Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Lockheed Martin Missals and Fire Control Graduate Fellowship Endowment Engineering
  • Lawrence W. Stephens Endowment
  • Kelcy Warren Graduate Fellowship for Engineering
  • Dean's Excellence Fund
  • Fairchild-Renfro Award
  • Carrizo Oil and Gas Inc. Graduate Research Fellowship

FORCES+ Scholarships

FORCES+ will provide scholarships and other academic support to two cohorts of engineering students during two years. FORCES+ is made possible by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Based upon student qualifications and unmet financial need. The anticipated average award amount is $6,000 per academic year. Learn more.

FIRST Scholarship for Freshmen

  • To be eligible for this $3,000 yearly scholarship, freshmen engineering students
  • Requires an application, essay, and recommendation letters
  • Renewed annually for up to 4 years at a total of $12,000 if eligibility is maintained.
  • Funded by a named endowment in the College.
  • Find out more or apply.

Great Beginnings Scholarship - Endowed Scholarships for Current Students

  • Scholarships are typically $2,000 one-time awards but some are differing amounts and some renewable.
  • Eligible current engineering students must
    • have demonstrated outstanding academic performance in engineering,
    • meet certain endowment specific eligibility criteria, and
    • not have received a freshman scholarship from the college.
  • Funded by a variety of named endowments in the College.

Department Scholarships

Please contact the awarding department for more information on these and other awards. Some awards require additional applications and other criteria. Not all sources of funding are listed here.


  • STEM Scholarship
  • Robert and Carol Eberhart Endowed Scholarship
  • GAAN Fellowship
  • Franklyn Alexander Ph.D. Scholarship
  • Alfred and Janet Potvin Award

Learn more about scholarships and funding from the Department of Bioengineering.

Civil Engineering

  • Alumni Scholarship
  • Gene H. Carter/John J. Burgess Civil Engineering Scholarship
  • Halff Associates Scholarship
  • Freese and Nichols Scholarship
  • John J. Haynes Scholarship
  • V.E. Hancock Texas Water Utilities Association Environmental Scholarship

The Civil Engineering Department site has more about scholarships for entering freshmen, transfer students, continuing undergraduate students, Construction Research Center scholarships, and more.

Computer Science and Engineering

  • Stephen A. Underwood Endowed Scholarship
  • Karan Harbison Endowed Scholarship

Visit the Computer Science and Engineering department for information on financial aid and scholarships for students in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Electrical Engineering

  • N.M. Stelmakh Outstanding Student Research Award
  • Bernard and Ann Svihel Memorial Scholarships
  • Jack Fitzer Endowed Scholarship
  • Prof Paul M. Cunningham Endowed Scholarship
  • Floyd Cash Endowed Scholarship
  • Nanotechnology Foundation of Texas Grants

The Electrical Engineering Department has more information on scholarships and funding for students in the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

  • Weiss Family Endowed Scholarship in Industrial Engineering
  • Keith and Carolyn Weis Industrial Engineering Scholarship
  • Elinor Pape Endowed Scholarship
  • G.T. Stevens, Jr. Endowed Alumni Scholarship
  • John and Pat Priest Family Endowed Scholarship
  • RFID and AutoID (RAID) Labs Research Excellence Scholarship
  • RFID and AutoID (RAID) Labs Outstanding Research Scholarship

Find more information on scholarships and financial for students in the Department of Industrial Engineering.

Materials Science and Engineering

  • Carl Wiseman Service Award
  • Graduate Student Seminar Award
  • Academic Excellence Award
  • Best Paper Award

Learn more about scholarships and fellowships in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • A.E. Petsche Father and Son Scholarship
  • Alvin E. Betzel, Sr. Scholarship
  • Charles H. & Harry M. Goodman Endowed Scholarship
  • Freshman Aerospace Engineering Scholarship
  • Freshman Mechanical Engineering Joe R. Martin Scholarship
  • Igor Frailberg Endowed Scholarship
  • John "J.J." Johnson Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Kalpana Chawla Endowed Aerospace Scholarship
  • Mechanical Engineering Endowed Scholarship
  • Mouser Endowed Scholarship
  • Pay It Forward Scholarship
  • Roger Goolsby Endowed Scholarship
  • Stephen Kugle Endowed Scholarship
  • Texas Chapter of the Society of Allied Weight Engineers Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Thomas Dewey Field, Jr. Endowed Aerospace Scholarship

Learn more about scholarships and fellowships in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.