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Why UTA?

One question. Hundreds of exciting answers.

Of course, we've narrowed the answers down to three. The University of Texas at Arlington is a lot of different things to different people. But for our undergrads, there are some common experiences that are shared across the board. And a few easy answers to "Why UTA?"

There's more here.

We could stop with this one point. After all, it covers everything. UTA is inexhaustible. Our academic programs are loaded with enough rigor for preparation in the most challenging careers. We have facilities that will change the way you see learning environments—and your future career. And the activities and organizations on our campus will test your time management skills and your ability to choose between adventures. Simply put, we have more of every aspect of what you'd expect to fill your college years.

Our campus is exactly the right size.

UTA occupies a sweet spot: We have all the amenities of the biggest academic heavy hitters, but with such a diverse student population, spread out evenly enough across a range of disciplines, that students can push themselves academically and personally without feeling boxed in or stuck in line.

We love untapped potential.

That's a big part of what makes our campus and our classes so exciting: the volatile unknowns. UTA unlocks incredible talents, builds on momentum, and promises to support those who have the drive and need mentoring.