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Real World Learning

UTA Engineering students work alongside professors on job sites and in the laboratory, learning valuable skills and applying classroom concepts to projects with real-world applications.

» Cooperative Engineering Education
» Civil Engineering

Light Bright

Researchers in the Electrical Engineering and Bioengineering Departments are seeking novel uses for optics in bioimaging, information delivery and transmission, and energy efficient computing.

» Nanophotonics Device Group
» Electrical Engineering

Seeking Solutions

Researchers in the College of Engineering spent more than $40 million on research in areas such as energy, healthcare, big data, the environment, and security.

» Faculty and Research
» Research Centers, Labs, Groups

Suited for Space

Kalpana ChawlaRobert L. Stewart

Two UT Arlington College of Engineering alumni have become space shuttle astronauts: Kalpana Chawla (1962-2003), Columbia STS-87 (1997) and Columbia STS-107 (2003); and Robert L. Stewart, Challenger STS-41B (1984) and Atlantis STS-51J (1985).

» Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


For more than 30 years, UTA's Formula SAE team has dominated the collegiate circuit. The team was ranked #5 in the world in 2014 and has won seven championships in the U.S., as well as one in Japan, one in Australia and one in England.

» Formula SAE Team
» Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Helping Veterans

Hanli Liu has developed a brain scanner to help treat veterans with PTSD and other related issues.

» Portable Brain Mapping Device
» Bioengineering

A Watchful Eye

The Heracleia Human Centered Computing Lab specializes in building assistive technologies to improve the quality of life of persons with different disabilities.

» Heracleia Lab
» Computer Science and Engineering

Onward and Upward

Each year, more than 800 students graduate from the College of Engineering, adding to our list of more than 24,000 alumni worldwide.

» UTA Commencement
» Alumni & Friends

Big Ideas, Nanoscale

Researchers in Materials Science and Engineering often make incredible discoveries in biomaterials and coatings at the nanoscale.

» Biomaterials Lab
» Materials Science and Engineering

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