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Engineers Week 2015


Every year, the college celebrates Engineers Week during the week of George Washington's birthday (February 22). The founding father is considered America's first engineer.  The College of Engineering will reach out to the University and the surrounding community to showcase what engineers do and why they are important in daily life.

Calendar of Events

All events in Nedderman Hall Atrium Unless Otherwise Noted

Week of February 16
Daily, 10 am to 3 pm Mr. Engineering and Ms. Engineering Campaigning and Elections
Daily, 10 am to 3 pm Pie-the-Professor Donations
TBD Student Volleyball Playoffs to see who plays Faculty Team on Feb. 26
Monday, February 16
12 pm to 12:50 pm Résumé Workshop (100 NH)
Wednesday, February 18
12 pm to 12:50 pm Interview Workshop (100 NH)
Friday, February 20
Noon to 5 pm SPAC (NH Atrium, 604NH, 601NH)
Saturday, February 21
7:30 pm COE Night at UTA Men's Basketball Game (College Park Center)
Monday, February 23
10 am to 6 pm Student Org Displays (Student Orgs: sign up here)
(Area JH/HS students & Science Fair participants are being invited to attend)
Noon E-Week Kickoff Lunch (FREE, hosted by COE)
TBD TENTATIVE: Mario Kart Night (hosted by ACM/IEEE)
Tuesday, February 24
9 am to 1 pm Dean for a Day Swap (Sign up here)
10 am to 2 pm Departmental Displays (Departments: sign up here)
Noon to 2 pm Hot Dog Sale (Hosted by TBD)
3 pm to 6 pm TENTATIVE: Date Auction (hosted by IIE)
6 pm to 8:30 pm TENTATIVE: Joint Meeting with IIE (100NH)
Wednesday, February 25
10 am to 3 pm COE Career Fair (MAC)
Noon to 2 pm Food Sale (Hosted by TBD)
5 pm to 7 pm Distinguished Speaker Series
(Reception at 5 pm Rady Room (601 NH); Lecture at 6 pm: 100NH)
Thursday, February 26
Noon to 2 pm Food Sale (Hosted by TBD)
4 pm to 6 pm Faculty vs. Students Volleyball Game (MAC)
Friday, February 27
10 am to Noon Engineering Triathlon (campus route)
Noon Pie-The-Professor and Pie-Eating Contest
(Engineering Mall -- Rain/Cold Location: NH Atrium)
Noon to 2 pm Food Sale (Hosted by TBD)
6 pm to 9 pm COE Awards Banquet (By Invitation Only)
(Reception at 6 pm: Bluebonnet/Rosebud Foyer, University Center
Dinner at 7 pm: Bluebonnet Ballroom, University Center)
9 pm to 12 am Masquerade Ball and Mr. & Ms. Engineering Crowning


E-Week Student Challenge

Click here to register

Entries will be judged at the men's basketball game February 21, 2015.

The E-Week Student Organization Challenge will address the issues of energy and sustainability. All student organizations are encouraged to participate in the challenge. Each team will receive a $50 stipend to offset the cost of materials related to the project.

Prizes for the E-Week Student Organization Challenge

First place:         $600 (1/2 cash and 1/2 toward reimbursable expenses or travel for your organization)

Second place:    $300 (1/2 cash and 1/2 toward reimbursable expenses or travel for your organization)

Third place:        $200 (1/2 cash and 1/2 toward reimbursable expenses or travel for your organization)

Fan Favorite:      Plaque

Teams may choose either topic, but are not required to do both.

Topic 1: Use an alternative energy source to power a device that is appropriate to your discipline.

Topic 2: In a device or through the use of innovative processes, reduce energy consumption by 25% in a given scenario. 


At minimum, you must:

  • Create a poster describing the topic you chose, your proposed solution and the research that you did to support your solution.

Additional points will be awarded for creativity. You are encouraged to include other items to illustrate your solution, such as a model, a short video, a detailed diagram, or another format through which to give your information. A rubric with all possible points will be provided once your team is registered.


  1. Participating student organizations must register for the E-Week Student Organization Challenge at
  2. Only current UTA engineering student organizations are eligible.
  3. Unaffiliated student groups and single students are not eligible to compete.
  4. Student organizations may submit only one entry per organization.
  5. Students who are members of multiple organizations must pick one organization with which to participate for this contest.
  6. Each team must have a faculty advisor (may or may not be the organization’s advisor).
  7. No collaboration with or discussion of projects with other groups is allowed.
  8. Projects will be displayed and judged by representatives of local energy companies at College of Engineering night at the men’s basketball game February 21.
    1. Projects must be set up at the Dan Dipert Welcome Center no later than 5:30 p.m. on February 21.
    2. Projects must be able to be transported to the College Park Center Concourse at 7 p.m.
    3. The decision of the judges is final.
  9. Prizes will be awarded for the top three submissions, plus a “fan favorite” voted on by fans attending the basketball game.

Questions? Contact Jeremy Agor ( or Tracey Faulkinbury (