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CSE Student Wins Best Poster Award at Metroplex Day

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Alexandros Papangelis, a Ph.D. student in the Computer Science and Engineering Department who works in Prof. Fillia Makedon’s Heracleia Human Centered Computing Lab, received a Best Poster Award March 1 at the 7th Annual Metroplex Day.

Alexandros Papangelis


Metroplex Day is a collaborative event sponsored by The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, The University of Texas at Dallas, and The University of Texas at Arlington. The event encourages interdisciplinary research across the three institutions and stimulates research projects that leverage the strengths of each Institution.

Papangelis’ poster, titled “An Adaptive Dialogue System for Monitoring, Rehabilitation and Assistance,” focused on his work with adaptive robot dialogue systems. These systems, he explained, can communicate with people, form long-term relationships, understand their needs and effectively meet them (e.g. talk about the news or navigate to the fridge and fetch water). In an assistive living environment, the system can also make basic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnoses based on behavioral cues and aid in the rehabilitation process by encouraging patients to perform rehabilitative exercises or play rehabilitative games.

“Assistive technology is becoming increasingly important, with great impact on people's lives. Friendly and intuitive interfaces, such as adaptive dialogue systems, can act as mediators between users who are not competent with technology and technology that can really improve their quality of life. Being acknowledged at Metroplex Day gives me the feedback I need to work even harder at getting assistive robots in every home in need,” Papangelis said.