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Aero Mavericks Earn Victories in Battle of the Rockets

Friday, April 19, 2013

Aero Mavericks Rocket Division TeamThe UTA MAE Aero Mavericks Rocket Division traveled to Culpeper, Va., April 6 to participate in the annual Battle of the Rockets competition, finishing first in the target altitude and planetary rover events.

Rocket parachuting to the ground

A video of one of the flights in the planetary rover competition can be seen here

Twelve students arrived at the launch site with two minivans, a mobile workshop, and a suite of uniquely crafted vehiclesdesigned and built throughout the year.

“Elizabeth Blaiszik (president) and Marcos Resendiz (chief engineer) played a large role in the team’s successes. They set a tone where the team was able to define a competition focus, willing to align academic and personal growth toward a unique learning experience, and proficient to ready hardware and a mindset in time for the competition,” said Aero Mavericks advisor Bernd Chudoba.

Rocket takeoff

The students competed against college and high school teams from the University of Cincinnati, Yale University, Case Western Reserve, Amity University (India), Thomas Jefferson (Va.) High School, and Chantilly (Va.) High School.

The Aero Mavericks also feature an airplane division. In each division, there are builders, stress analysis and other jobs happening, and each group is in charge of a specific part of the vehicle. Weekly meetings often have 10-15 people who are actively working on projects for the team’s success.