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About Us


graphic of mission key on keyboardThe undergraduate and graduate programs in English offer a wide range of courses in literature, rhetoric, composition, and literary, cultural, and digital media theory. Their overall purpose is to enable students to succeed in teaching, scholarship, and writing, or in other fields that value strong backgrounds in language, rhetoric, and the study of culture through texts, media, and traditions of discourse. The courses and the scholarship of the faculty contribute to advances in knowledge by developing and disseminating significant understandings of literature, literary theory, rhetoric, composition, media, and the diversity of cultures. On the University level, the Department makes particular contributions to primary goals of the Core Curriculum (i.e., collaborative learning, communication skills, critical analysis, personal responsibility, and social responsibility), to curricula emphasizing digital media, and to specific undergraduate and graduate programs and centers, including Teacher Education, the Honors College, Philosophy and Humanities, Interdisciplinary Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Environmental and Sustainability Studies, the Center for African American Studies, the Center for Mexican American Studies, and the Center for Greater Southwestern Studies and the History of Cartography.