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Faculty Research Interests

Research Clusters 

Clusters are comprised of faculty members and dissertators who want to workshop their research and discuss new scholarship related to a specific field or a particular topic or theme. The cluster in place from 2017 to 2019 is as follows:

Posthumanism (Stacy Alaimo, Jackie Fay, Neill Matheson, Erin Murrah-Mandril, Jason Hogue)

graphic of posthumanism

This fall (2017), faculty and ABD doctoral students will be launching the new Research Clusters by workshopping their research and discussing new work in these fields.

American Literature: Alaimo, Conrad, Henderson, Matheson, Morris, Murrah-Mandril, Rambsy, Roemer
British Literature: Fay, Tigner
Cultural Studies: Alaimo, Ingram, Morris, Murrah-Mandril, Porter, Tigner
Digital Humanities and New Media Studies: Beck, Rambsy, Richardson, Tigner  
Early Modern Studies: Tigner
Environmental Studies: Alaimo, Fay, Matheson, Tigner
Film Studies: Alaimo, Ingram, Richardson
History of the Book: Fay, Henderson, Tigner
Literary and Critical Theory: Alaimo, Fay, Frank, Ingram, Matheson, Murrah-Mandril, Porter, Richardson
Medieval Studies: Fay
Multicultural Literature: Alaimo, Ingram, Murrah-Mandril, Rambsy, Roemer     
Queer Studies and Gay and Lesbian Literature: Alaimo, Ingram
Rhetoric and Composition: Beck, Porter, Richardson, Warren
Technical and Professional Communication: Beck
Women's and Gender Studies: Alaimo, Beck, Fay, Henderson, Ingram, Matheson, Tigner
World, Comparative, and Postcolonial Literature and Theory: Frank, Ingram, Morris