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Four UTA English Faculty Lead MLA Convention Discussion Panel

"On November 18, 2015 in Preston Hall 211, Drs. Alaimo, Ingram, Rambsy, and Roemer presented a panel on "Navigating MLA: Successfully Attending the National Convention as a Grad Student." The annual MLA Convention is the largest scholarly meeting regarding the humanities: the convention hosts numerous workshops, research topic discussions, and professional networking opportunities for attendees.

Two Native American History Month Lectures Held at University College Hall


The University hosted two lectures at University College Hall for Native American History Month. On November 11, 2015 at the University College Hall, Dr. Paul McKenzie-Jones presented a lecture on Clyde Warrior, a Native rights advocate. Dr. McKenzie-Jones is an Assistant Professor at the University of Lethbridge and has participated in multiple research forums on American Indian Studies.

On November 17, 2015, Silver Medal of Honor Recipient and WWII Navajo Code Talker Samuel Holiday spoke as a special guest at the second lecture. Holiday served as one of the few Navajo Marines who sent undecipherable voice transmissions during World War II. The Navajo Code Talkers assisted the Marines in gaining significant military advantages at Iwo Jima and other battles.

UTA English Faculty Commemorated with Emerita Rank


On October 7, 2015, Dr. Wendy B. Faris’s promotion to the rank of Professor Emerita was celebrated at the University Center. Dr. Faris received her Ph.D.from Harvard University in 1975 and began her professional career at UTA in September 1984. She has participated in countless scholarly activities, including over thirty articles in scholarly journals and four published books. The rank of Professor Emerita is a great distinction: it is given to full professors who retire in good standing and to retired professors who are still listed in the course catalog and continue to teach.

English Department Honorees at the 2015 UTA Faculty Awards Ceremony

Four English Department faculty were recognized at the Faculty Awards Ceremony on September 17, 2015. Dr. Desirée Henderson was honored for receiving a University Research Enhancement Award. Dr. James Warren accepted the COLA Outstanding Teacher Award. Dr. Jackie Stodnick was honored for being selected for Faculty Development Leave for Fall 2015 to work on a book. Bethany Shaffer won the Outstanding Advisor Award in COLA.