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Dr. Stacy Alaimo Named Co-President of Scholarly Society

Dr. Stacy Alaimo will take up the role of Co-President of the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment (ASLE). ASLE was founded in 1992. ASLE has grown into a lively organization of over 1400 members, and international affiliates have formed in Canada, Korea, Japan, Europe, India, Australia/New Zealand, the United Kingdom/Ireland and Taiwan. Alaimo will share the Presidency with Dr. Jeffrey J. Cohen. Alaimo commented, "ASLE has been an such an important part of my academic life--from the early 90s when I was finishing my dissertation to the present--I'm glad to have this opportunity to give something back. It's an organization with deep ethical and political commitments to social justice, the environment, and nonhuman life. ASLE welcomes graduate students and independent scholars. And the field trips are fantastic--for what other conference are hiking boots usually a must?"